From Beginner to Dominating the Market, Here's How we Help...

One Place to Manage Data


Generate leads, print, mail, and market with ease


Create documents and track leads with a click of a button


Grow and scale with simplified, repeatable systems

Built For Investors By Investors

We are investors just like you. And because we're closing deals and working on our own side hustles and empires, we see common challenges, problems, and pitfalls you might run into along the way. Most importantly, we believe that there's room for all of us, which is why we build features exclusively for real estate investors.

Monetize Quickly & Create Income

Real estate investing is all about finding and connecting with highquality leads. We make that process quick and easy for you to find profitable areas, connect with your leads, and bring in income.

Printing & Mailing - Easily create, print, and send letters and postcards with easy to use templates and step-by- step instructions

Property Data - All the data you need at your fingertips, neatly organized and simple to navigate

"Over 1,150 letter mailed today! "Moving from houses to land has been one heck of an education and I will say that Investment Dominator software is worth its weight in GOLD!"

- Rick Tellier

Managing Your Leads

Whether you're contacting a few leads at a time or tens of thousands per year, track each one and their progress in our all-inone platform. It's the most flexible way to organize your leads from the first introduction to the final sale.

Document Generation - Create any document you need, legal contract or otherwise, with a click of a button

Lead Tracking - Track leads and properties in an organized manner that's easy to navigate visually and on the go (because you're busy and we get that!)

"Investment Dominator helped me streamline and organize my business quickly so I could step into the CEO role. Now, I'm able to work on my business and less in my business. Don't wait to try this platform!"

- Steven Young

Scale Your Business With Ease

You've worked hard to get where you are, now it's time to build and grow with a platform built to scale with you. Generate more leads in high-yield areas, grow your team and onboard with simple workflows, market with strategies that work.

Websites - Build a buyer and seller website in minutes with our customizable templates investors love

Marketing - Enjoy marketing workflows, copy templates, and more to help you bring in more profit every sale

Automation & Integrations - Our smart technology makes it easy for you to create workflows to save hours of time for you and your growing business